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Season of Lenten Worship

The season of Lent leads us through Jesus's testing and temptation in the wilderness, just as Israel was tested after God brings them out of slavery in Egypt. Each Sunday, we are reminded, in our readings, of the history of God's people both in Israel and the Church, of how we have all been caught up in falling short of the perfection for which God created us. We see the same issues, the same struggles, the same temptations, and the same misinterpretations and misdirection and poor decision-making that compounds sin throughout the ages.


This is brought into relief and contrasted sharply by Jesus's own words, acts and decisions. We are brought face to face with God's grace and so with the call to reflect on why we say and do what we do, what God calls us to, and then to confess these things to God so that we can let them go and open ourselves to his sanctifying, transformative love. Opening ourselves up through prayer and confession enables the Holy Spirit to work in our lives to draw us and conform us to Jesus's own life, so that we might respond to the Father's love with love that is poured out, often in sacrificial ways, for the sake of others.


In this we are being conformed to Jesus's final act of love where he bears the sin of human rejection on the Cross, which we recognize on Good Friday; through Holy Saturday where we recognize his descent into Hell where he endures the fate due to all people for their rejection of God. And finally, we celebrate Christ's resurrection, where having been baptized into him, we are raised from death into new life.


We began Lent with an imposition of ashes for Ash Wednesday service, February 22.  


In person worship is at 10:00am each Sunday. This is a service of communion (Holy Eucharist). 

We will have a Palm Sunday service Sunday April 2nd at 10am, a Good Friday Service Friday April 7th at 10am, and an Easter Sunday service with a baptism April 9th at 10am. 

Other Worship and Study opportunities ...
Zoom Morning Prayer 9:30am Thursdays

Morning Prayer is a daily practice that Anglicans drew from the Medieval monastic tradition. The goal for Morning Prayer is simply to be immersed in Scripture over time so that a person is formed by God's Word. In the West, we tend to assume that our own creative cognitive actions, are what provide learning and so transformation in our thinking and our actions. Yet the Christian tradition has a different perspective. It presumes that it is God who transforms us as we submit ourselves to him, reciting a set form of prayers that lead us through God's life with us.


You are invited to try out this practice July through to Advent on Thursdays from 9:30-10, and from Advent through to the end of June, Monday through Thursday Mornings from 9:30am to about 10:00am.


Please email the office to get the Zoom link if you are joining via computer or the User ID and passcode if you are going to join by phone

Sunday After Service Fellowship

Each Sunday, following the 10am service, everyone is invited to join in fellowship upstairs, with juice and cookies. This is certainly a time for socializing with one another, just like I'm sure Jesus's disciples did. However, this time is actually part of the ministry of every person who attends. It is the place where folks can share both the mundane and the more profound things going on in their lives. It's where people learn about the challenges, the concerns, the interests, the hopes and questions that others have, and that we often share. It's where the glue of 'being church together takes place.' Who is struggling? Who is sick? Who is healing? Whose family is coming to visit? Who needs prayer, or maybe a phone call? Who could use some direction or advice? Who could use challenge or comfort? What ministry ideas might be generated? This very informal social gathering time isn't just a 'social club gathering,' it is a core and essential part of ministry. Come on out and be a part of it!

Community Prayer Box


The prayer box is intended for people who live in the surrounding community - many of whom might not necessarily attend our church (yet!!) but who use our green space and community garden or our parking lot to cut through to the Bayview subway station - to submit prayer requests to us. We will ensure we keep the prayer requests confidential. Our goal with the prayer box is to pray for the needs of our community members.

Thanks, to Earle, Jimmy, and Carolyn for their extremely hard work of installing the box!

Outreach: FaithWorks Updates

Our parish outreach is directed through the Diocese of Toronto's FaithWorks Program. Out of what we donate as a parish, 15% is retained by the parish for local outreach projects.

FaithWorks is a charitable programme of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.  We offer support to our Ministry Partners as they serve the needs of people who are Indigenous, homeless, hungry, at-risk women, children or youth, immigrants or refugees, or struggling with HIV/AIDS.  We help them build communities of compassion and hope.  As followers of Jesus, we offer new life.

FaithWorks allows us to share our blessings with others who are vulnerable and marginalized right here in our community and around the world.

FaithWorks feeds, shelters, nurtures and befriends over 20,000 people in our communities and around the world every year.

FaithWorks has provided more than $35 million to Anglican-affiliated ministries over the last 25 years.


Click here to see our FaithWorks Ministry partners.

Click here to see how your donation will be used.

Click here to see some examples of FaithWorks supported projects

Click here to see the most recent news


Thursday Night Zoom Scripture Conversation

Have a question about Scripture? Wonder if there's something more going on than first meets the eye? Every Thursday night we get together on zoom (no worries about weather or glorious Toronto traffic!) to discuss the Gospel passage that was read on Sunday. It's an opportunity to question, challenge, discuss our experiences of (or lack of) with such situations, and to support one another in learning and growing in the faith.

Come on out, 7:30-8:30pm every Tuesday

Please email the office to get the Zoom link if you are joining via computer or the User ID and passcode if you are going to join by phone



To see the readings for each Sunday in the Christian Year for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and The Season After Pentecost, (and for special services, for example, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, etc.), please visit Vanderbilt's Revised Common Lectionary Page. We are currently in "Year A 2022-2023": 



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