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Sunday Worship Service

All are welcome, please join us every Sunday
10:00am Holy Eucharist/Communion
11:00am Coffee Hour
Following our Sunday service, everyone is invited to join in fellowship in the Bruton room, with coffee, tea, beverages and light snacks.  This is certainly a time for socializing with one another, just like I'm sure Jesus's disciples did. However, this time is actually part of the ministry of every person who attends. It is the place where folks can share both the mundane and the more profound things going on in their lives. It's where people learn about the challenges, the concerns, the interests, the hopes and questions that others have, and that we often share. It's where the glue of 'being church together' takes place.  This very informal social gathering time isn't just a 'social club gathering,' it is a core and essential part of ministry. Come on out and be a part of it!
After Coffee Hour
Classes resume: Sunday August 11 2024
Time: 11:50am-12:50pm 
Following our coffee hour, join us in discussions on "What is Christian Love: To Love God and to Love your Neighbour"? This important topic will reflect the material from the book "Where God Happens", written by Archbishop, Rowan Williams.  It is not required, however if you wish to read/purchase the book you can go to your local library or click here to order it from Amazon: Click Here

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